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Mediation is a method of resolving disputes between two or more parties.

“Angela kept me organized, made experience-based suggestions, and was very sensitive to my particular needs, as I have PTSD.”

Dennis Manuge

Marriage Mediation North Preston

Is your marriage or family embroiled in a dispute that seems unsolvable?

Experienced mediation services to resolve disputes arising from:

  • divorce and separation
  • family disagreements
  • community disputes
  • education related conflict
  • wills and estate disputes
  • parenting coordination

Whether personal or professional, these are only some of the ways relationships in conflict can be costly. And if the conflict makes its way to litigation, the financial and emotional consequences can cost even more.

Since the 1990s, the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) method has been a proven way to guide couples and families through difficult financial challenges. Designed to defuse conflict and promote communication, ADR methods avoid the hostilities litigation can create. Also, they preserve important assets litigation can consume.

A mediator helps create a settlement agreed to by all. Mediators do not give legal advice, take sides, or pass judgment.

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No one will be completely satisfied with a resolution that doesn't meet some of their needs. Mediation is a non-binding and legitimate alternative to the traditional route with lawyers and court.

  • Less emotionally damaging
  • Confidential and private
  • Usually less expensive and more timely than going to court
  • Results account for the interests of all parties
  • Relationships are less likely to be damaged more
  • Because parties develop their own solutions, there is more buy-in to make the arrangement last
  • A unique agreement for your situation

Get the affordable and effective expertise you need without the cost and hassle of litigation.

Angela Mercier is a Qualified Mediator (Q.Med) and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

Along with her expertise and experience, she also brings compassion and commitment to the table. Angela helps clients resolve financial disagreements in ways that are non-adversarial, fair and in the best interests of all.


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